The Institute of Mineralogy and Geology is the modern successor of the oldest department of the Mining Academy of Selmecbánya (18th century), the College of Sopron (20th century) at University of Miskolc.  It is active in teaching, research and promotion of mineral resources, geological phenomena and processes. Its two chairs work in wide spectrum from petroleum geology through geochemistry to pedology, from remote sensing through mineralogical and petrological laboratory analysis to economic assessment of mineral resources. Its three main focus areas are mineral resource exploration techniques, applied mineralogy, and environmental geology. In several areas we have strong industrial partnerships, e.g. in the geology of ores, non-metallics, and environmental processes.

EGEC Course

Published on Thursday, 16 August 2012

EGEC – European Geotechnical and Environmental Course at University of Miskolc
Students of the joint European master program, EGEC (http://www.femp.org/students/egec) spent nine weeks, starting form 20th March at the Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering. Our faculty took part in the program for the 10th time.

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