The Institute of Mineralogy and Geology is the modern successor of the oldest department of the Mining Academy of Selmecbánya (18th century), the College of Sopron (20th century) at University of Miskolc.  It is active in teaching, research and promotion of mineral resources, geological phenomena and processes. Its two chairs work in wide spectrum from petroleum geology through geochemistry to pedology, from remote sensing through mineralogical and petrological laboratory analysis to economic assessment of mineral resources. Its three main focus areas are mineral resource exploration techniques, applied mineralogy, and environmental geology. In several areas we have strong industrial partnerships, e.g. in the geology of ores, non-metallics, and environmental processes.

KINDRA - Knowledge inventory for hydrogeology research H2020

Published on Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Kick-off-Meeting of the KINDRA - Knowledge inventory for hydrogeology research H2020 project was held on 15-16 January, 2015 in La Palma, Spain. The project will be implemented in the cooperation of 6 international partners, the coordinator is Sapienza University, Rome. University of Miskolc is also a partner. Éva Hartai took part in the meeting in the representation of the European Federation of Geologists.

Bulletin of the Hungarian Geological Society

Published on Thursday, 26 February 2015

From February 2015 the archive of the Földtani Közlöny (Bulletin of the Hungarian Geological Society, the only geological journal publishing articles in Hungarian) became an open access journal on the homepage of EPA (Electronic Periodical Archive, URL: epa.oszk.hu) back to 1959. The 49 volumes between 1959 and 2007 were scanned and processed to text-based pdf files by Norbert Németh from the library stock of the Institute of Mineralogy and Geology, University of Miskolc.

MS in Earth Sciences and Engineering

Published on Monday, 03 February 2014

Program title: Earth Science Engineering masters (MSc)
Degree awarded: Geological and Geophysical Engineer (MSc)

minor specialisations:

  • Geological Engineering module
  • Geophysical Engineering module

Number of semesters: 4; required number of credits to be completed: 120
Application deadline: 1. May 2014.

More information
Application form
Application criteria

The Admine consortium submitted its proposal for the Horizon2020 call

Published on Friday, 18 April 2014

The Admine consortium submitted its proposal for the Horizon2020 call

The consortium, which is coordinated by Geonardo, has 11 members. The University of Miskolc is represented by the team of the Earth Science Engineering Faculty.  The proposal has been submitted to the EU for the 8April deadline. The work is aimed at elaborating legal framework to protect  and develop mineral deposits of public importance. The 30 month long project will be completed by partners from Hungary, UK, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, EU/Brussels.

EFG Board Meeting

Published on Sunday, 17 March 2013

On 16-17 Marc 2013 Éva Hartai took part in the Board Meeting of the European Federation of Geologists (http://eurogeologists.eu/). In the five-member Board Eva Hartai act as the ”External Relations Officer”. The board members discussed the strategy of the EFG and prepared documents for the EFG Council Meeting in June.


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