Extract-IT workshop

Published on Thursday, 07 February 2013

On 6-7 February 2013 Éva Hartai took part int he Extract-IT (http://www.extract-it.eu/) workshop in Leoben, Austria. First there were presentations related to the project, and then the participants discussed the future ITC opportunities related to mineral exploration and exploitation in different future scenarios of Europe.

SOMP annual meeting

Published on Monday, 27 August 2012

From 12 to 16 July, the former and new head of the institute – Dr. János Földessy and Dr. Ferenc Mádai – attended the annual meeting of the Society of Mining Professors (SOMP) in Wroclaw, Poland.

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EFG Council Meeting and workshop

Published on Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Éva Hartai associate professor, EFG Board Member, took part in the Annual Council Meeting of the European Federation of Geologists and the related workshop “Managing Natural Hazards” in Tenerife, Spain, on 10-13 May 2012. She made a presentation on the red mud spill in Hungary, October 2010.

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Short course on geochemistry

Published on Thursday, 23 August 2012

Short course on geochemistry beyond the polar circle
Short course entitled “Environmental geochemistry of ore deposits and mining wastes” was organized by the Kjeoy Research and Education Centre (KREC), Norway between 30 May and 5 June.

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MSCC-CEMC Conference

Published on Thursday, 16 August 2012

MSCC-CEMC: Mineral Sciences in the Carpathians Conference and jointly organized Central-European Mineralogical Conference
Mineralogists and geologists from 15 countries attended the conference organized by the institute
From 19 to 21 of April took place the 5th Mineral Sciences in the Carpathians Conference (MSCC), which in this year was jointly organized with the 3rd Central-European Mineralogical Conference (CEMC).

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