Graduate Research Seminar

Megjelent: 2014. április 11. péntek

Course Title: Graduate Research Seminar

Instructor: Dr. Ferenc Mádai

Code: MFFAT720006

Responsible department/institute: MFFAT

Position in curriculum (which semester): 2

Pre-requisites (if any): -

No. of contact hours per week (lecture + seminar): 0+2

Type of Assessment (examination / practical mark / other): practical mark

Credits: 2

Course: full time

Course Description:

The purpose of the course – as in many different universities in the world – is to introduce the methods of information gathering and evaluation, formal and ethic requirements of scientific communication, rules for preparation of oral and poster presentations. During the course these general requirements are actualized to the field of earth science and engineering. Examples and exercises will use English publications and text materials.

Assessment and grading:

Students will be assessed with using the following elements.

Attendance:                                            5 %

Homework                                           10 %

Short quizzes                                        10 %

Midterm exam                                      40 %

Final exam                                            35 %

Total                                                    100%

Grading scale:

% value


90 -100%

5 (excellent)

80 – 89%

4 (good)

70 - 79%

3 (satisfactory)

60 - 69%

2 (pass)

0 - 59%

1 (failed)


Compulsory or recommended literature resources:

  • L. C. Perelman, J. Paradis, and E. Barrett: The Mayfield Handbook of Technical and Scientific Writing (McGraw-Hill, 2001)
  • G. J. Alred, C. T. Brusaw, and W. E. Oliu: Handbook of Technical Writing, (St. Martin's, New York, 2003)
  • Hagan P., Mort P. 2014: Report writing giude for mining engineers. Mining Education Australia.
  • Day R.A., Gastel B.: How to write and publish a scientific paper. Greenwood, 2011.
  • ISO 690-2: Information and documentation - Bibliographic references.
  • Taylor G. A Student’s Writing Guide. How to Plan and Write Successful Essays. Cambridge University Press, 2009
  • Chen Ch., Härdle W., Unwin A. (Editors): Handbook of Data Visualization. Springer, 2008
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