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DIM ESEE-2 Spin-off workshop 2022 for students

10. May 2022. 09:50

"DIM ESEE-2 Spin-off workshop 2022 for students – Innovation in exploration" was held in Telkibánya, 3-5. may, 2022. The target audience of the event were MSc and PhD students. Participants came from various countries, including Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Hungary. The Institute of Mineralogy and Geology, University of Miskolc was the main organiser, but without the industrial partners (e.g. UNEXMIN Georobotics Ltd.) it could not have been organised. The event took place both in personal and online form. The programs were various: there were lectures on different methods related to exploration technics in geochemical and geophysical topics, furthermore the participants could get acquainted with the basics of 3D modelling and the mysteries of underwater explorations and robotics. In addition to the presentations, several practical and field programs was also organised, such as geochemical analyses with hand-held measuring instruments in the Mária adit (famous for its gold mining), multispectral imaging of drill cores, visit in the Pálháza perlite mine. The official program ended on Thursday evening at Tállya with a wine tasting. On Friday morning the participants could return home with many new experiences.