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"Dubrovnik International Mining School" 2021

29. October 2021. 11:05

On 20–22 October 2021 a professional training of the “Dubrovnik International Mining School” ( was successfully held in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Within the framework of the program in the period of 2021 and 2024 the focus of the selected lectures is on a common theme, the innovation. In 2021 the innovation in exploration was the main topic. This year the Institute of Mineralogy and Geology of the Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering of our university was the main organizer and operator of the program with the cooperation of the Institute of Geophysics and Geoinformatics. At the three-days event we provided professional training for experts working in the raw materials sector. Each of the three days covered different topics in the field of raw materials. On the first day we could get an EU perspective, as well as underwater autonomous robotics and technology – developed for the water-flooded mining areas (UNEXMIN, UNEXUP) – were also introduced. On the second day the geochemical “vectoring” system was presented, spiced with demonstration of portable geochemical analytical devices (handheld LIBS and XRF) in the second half of the day, which was an exceptional success among participants. On the third day, participants were able to gain insight into various geophysical measurement methods and their precise evaluation. In terms of situation in COVID-19 the program was organized in a hybrid way allowing the participation either in person or online.