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From Argantina to Mongolia... International Profession Day of the Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering and TEKH

28. May 2021. 08:50

The International Profession Day  was organised by Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering and TEKH on 27.05.2021 with high interest (almost 50 participants). The 3 hours long program had 3 session. In the first part companies /e.g. MOL (HU), Geochem (HU), Minerex (Ghana)/ presented their industrial research and their job possibilites.

Former students of the University of Miskolc /Pablo Echevarria (Argentina), Balázs Varannai (LTU Lulea Technical University, Sweden), Enrique Caballero (Mexico/Finland), Mohamed Nur Ali Akhbar (Indonesia/Hungary), Enkhbat Battogtokh (Mongolia), Rodrigo Embile (Phillippines/New Mexico/Boliden Sweden)/ talked about their recent jobs and experiences in the second session.

The third session Will McCreery (University of Oxford, UK) presented his adventure about his MSc thesis, which relates to a hungarian ore deposit. The second speeker László Kupi (geologist and nature photographer) showed his adventures around the world with his best pictures. 

End of each session had a small talk between the audience and the presenter.