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IMA 2022 Conference

28. July 2022. 09:30

The IMA 2022 Conference was organised this year on 18-22 July 2022 in France, Lyon. 5 presentations and 5 posters participated from the Institute of Mineralogy and Geology on the most prestigious mineralogical conference.


The presentations of the Institute of Mineralogy and Geology:

Kristály et al.: Major and minor nutrient extraction by phytomining through synthetic soil method from wasterock

Kristály et al.: Mineral fertilizer enhanced biomineralization in plants

Leskóné Majoros et al.: Graphite crystallization in shear zones (Szendrő Mts., NE-Hungary)

Topa et al.: Submicrometer-scale textural study of manganese mineral assemblages in Úrkút, Hungary

Zajzon et al.: Mn-analogue of kassite, a potentially new mineral from Perkupa, Hungary



Fehér et al.: An unknown, lavendulan-like hydrous Ca-Cu-arsenate-chloride from Rudabánya, Hungary

Kristály et al.: Observing nanograin fraction in conventional powder X-ray diffraction, environmental relevance

Leskóné Majoros et al.: Clay minerals structural degradation by high energy ball milling

Móricz et al.: Changes of pyrite oxidation rate in function of time

Zajzon et al.: Hyperspectral underwater mineral characterization in the UNEXUP project


The abstracts are available at the following link:


The delegation of the University of Miskolc: