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New world record in the deepest flooded cave

03. August 2022. 20:45

The UNEXMIN Georobotics Ltd. (UGR) from Budapest, Hungary and the Hranický Kras unit of the Czech Speleological Society joined forces to explore the world's currently known deepest flooded cave, the Hranická Propast in the Czech Republic, with the UX1Neo AUV. Within this framework, the international team of the UNEXUP EIT RawMaterials project and the local speleologists, with the support of the Czech firefighters and special rescue units, started the work at the end of July after preparing the field.        
The Czech Speleological Society has been investigating the area of Hranická propast for decades. Previous dives by divers and diving robots reached a depth of 404 m. The main goal of this year's research was highprecision 3D mapping of the upper part of the cave.       
During the work, the team successfully achieved the originally set goals, and in addition, set a new world record on August 1, 2022, when the diving robot dived to a depth of 450 m and increased the explored and mapped depth of the cave by 45 meters.               

Source: Richárd Zoltán Papp LinkedIn /Managing Director of UNEXMIN Georobotics Ltd./       
Image: Hranická propast - ZO CSS 7-02 Hranicky kras (Facebook)