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Task partner call for the BrineRIS project

28. April 2022. 14:15

BrineRIS project (in the frames of EIT RawMaterials) aims to build RIS countries' capacity on carbon-neutral critical raw materials (CRM) recovery from geothermal brines. The Institute of Mineralogy and Geology (University of Miskolc) is looking for a RIS task partner with the following expectations:

- Provide knowledge and expertise on local regulations and legislation, local policy, economic analysis

- Provide archival data and geoinformation on brines (among others: geological and hydrogeological data on brines, mining properties inventory data etc., databases and datasets) from Hungary

- Manage raw materials sampling, sample handling, and processing in the BrineRIS Project in Hungary

- Provide accredited measurement and analysis for locally taken raw materials samples for use in the BrineRIS Project

- Provide access to specific local raw materials sites/test sites or materials/processes and enable them for usage and sampling in the BrineRIS Project

- Actively participate in network and capacity building events and assist in the engagement of stakeholders from the country of origin

- Participate in communication and dissemination activities of the project

- Provide expertise and support in business evaluation of the investment cases


Details can be found in the following sites:


The application must be submitted via, by May 5th

2022, 17:00 CET.


More information about the project can be found here: